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Hosting International Students from China:
As part of our upper elementary and middle school program, YHIS educates students from China along-side their American peers. These international students increase the diversity of thought, conversation, interests, and cultural exchange within the YHIS classroom, bringing the YHIS middle school students a one-of-a-kind experience with learners of their own age.
Short-stay Program:
The USA has been one of the most sought-after destinations for English study, cultural immersion, and tourism. In order to provide valuable opportunities for young learners to enhance their English, experience the unique education of the U.S., and be immersed in American culture, YHIS offers short-stay programs of 2- or 4-week of stay.

Our Unique Advantages

1. YHIS is an International Baccalaureate Candidate School and accredited by the MSA-CESS. It is on the leading edge in the field of bilingual education in the U.S. YHIS students are fluent in both Chinese and English, providing a welcoming environment and smooth transition for students from China.
2. YHIS teaching faculty and staff are all professionals with advanced degrees obtained from Chinese or American universities.
3. Students will be provided with full services, covering all aspects of learning, living, and tourist experiences in the U.S.
4. Students will participate in a wide range of cultural and social events in the local community.
5. Security and safety are regarded as the top priorities.
6. Post-program services will be offered, including long-term study abroad opportunities and assistance with future applications to U.S. high schools and/or universities.

What Students Will Gain

1. Students will enhance their English proficiency, having been fully immersed in an English-dominant environment.
2. Students will interact with U.S. scholars in open, supportive, and inquisitive classrooms.
3. Students will foster life-long friendships with their U.S classmates and families.
4. Students will become more independent and better team players.
5. Students will tour well-known attractions as well as unique local events.
6. Students will establish positive visa and study records, which will be useful toward pursuing further education in the U.S.

Program Description

1. Academics: In addition to the structured, full-time educational programs that cover all academic subjects in small classes, students will also participate in a range of enrichment programs such as a nature course, string instrument instruction, and visual and performing arts.
2. Family Life: Students will stay with YHIS member host families for the entire duration of the program and will be fully immersed in the lives of these American families.
3. Community Life: Students will join four to five weekend field trips to local destinations such as Philadelphia historic sites, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan sites, natural areas, and more.


Long-stay Program:
YHIS issues I-20 to eligible students for the long-stay program. For details, please contact Joy Zhao, Director of Academics, at .


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