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Bilingual Education:
During the middle school years, instructional time spent in Chinese and English is evenly split. YHIS students read and study authentic fiction and nonfiction texts, write research papers, and write creatively in both Chinese and English. In 6th grade through 8th grade, YHIS students add Spanish as their third language.
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Curricula and Subjects:
YHIS students continue to thrive in their academic subjects following curricula tailored to YHIS’ unique mission and goals. By the end of 8th Grade, they complete the Chinese national math curriculum through the 8th grade level, and are on par or above their peers in other schools in science, English, social studies, technology, and the arts. YHIS students are well-prepared for any high school that they choose to attend!
These are eight core subjects:
* Language and Literature in both Chinese and English
* Individuals and Societies (history, geography, economics, etc.) in both English and Chinese
* Language Acquisition (Spanish)
* Mathematics
* Science (biology, chemistry, and physics)
* Design (digital design and product design)
* Performing and Visual Arts (music, drama, dance, visual art, and media)
* Physical Education.

middle music

Interdisciplinary Curricular Design:
Middle School Program’s eight subject groups incorporate key concepts, related concepts, global contexts, and approaches to learning. The 8th grade community projects also provide opportunities for students to develop interdisciplinary understanding. Interdisciplinary design
* allows students to use knowledge domains creatively to foster new understanding
* develops mental flexibility that prepares students to be lifelong learners
* promotes intellectual rigour by providing a holistic approach to the study of complex issues and ideas
* models the importance of collaboration and teamwork across disciplines (an important life skill)
* supports and promotes transfer of understanding
Examples of Interdisciplinary Units:
* Rivers - Individuals & Societies and Science
* Tea Culture - Design, Arts, Language & Literature
* Migration - Mathematics, Individuals & Societies
* Sound and Drum - Music, Science, Visual Art, Design
* Chariot Race - Design, Individuals & Societies
* Whose View? - Individuals & Societies, Language & Literature
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Global Contexts:
* Identities and relationships
* Orientation in time and space
* Personal and cultural expression
* Scientific and technical innovation
* Globalization and sustainability
* Fairness and development
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