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YHIS is grateful for the individuals and institutes named below for their generosity.
School Year 2016-2017 DONATIONS (as of February 27, 2017)
2016-2017 Donations INDIVIDUALS

Angel - $10,000 and above:
John and Kristin Epstein
Barry Zhang and Bonnie Liao
Guardian - $5,000 to $9,999:
Parker and Annie Block
Jim Huang
Benefactor - $1,000 to $4,999:
Michael Su and Farrah Chu
Edwin Eng
Richard Quan and Jessica Ping Li
Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman
John and Eileen Wang
Patron - $500 to $999:
Patricia Brooks
Edith Cameron
Charles and Kelly Cunningham
Bob Eng
Richard and Kathleen Gittleman
David Golann
Sudmeha Rao
Jonathan and Jennifer Schaffel
Stacy Schuster
Xiaoning Wang
Raj Ravikumar and Justine Wu
Jason Chen and Joy Zhao
Supporter –$499 and under:
Burt and Joyce Ahrens
Carlton Allen
Fred and Charlotte Alyea
Simon Rosof and Peishan Ang
Ingrid Baumann Ostermaier
Yan Bennett
Bin Chen and Myra Bertrand
Bill and Kirsten Blair
Donna Bouchard
Oscar and Lisa Browne
Mary Chan
Henry and Elizabeth Chang
Tinyee and Linda Jiu Jan Chang
John Lim and May Jean Cheah
Yao Zhu and Nancy Chen
Angela Chiu
Chienheng and Hsueh-Ming Chou
Henry Chou
Victoria Cirilo
Paul Crawford
Stephan Loh and Xiaohui Deng
Peyton and Sharyl Dixon
Melvin and Lynn Epstein
Peter Erdman
Patricia Evans James
Ebonie Fleming
Guobin Sha and Jie Gao
Donald and Karin Hargy
Easton Haughton
Percy Naranjo and Carolyn Iglesias
Joseph Retuerto and Wendy Iwanyshyn
Kenneth Gee and Terry Iwasaki-Gee
Minhong Ji
Anthony Lu and Linda Jin
Pamela Johnson James
Vickie Johnson Jones
Niku Kasmai
Wenjun Jiang and Zheng Ke
David and Margaret Lam
Benjamin and Betty Lee
Michell Lin
Weihong Liu
Muyu Guo and Yang Liu
Kathy Lo Bue
Stephanie Ma
Debbie Mandelker
Kleibeel and Cara Marcano
Dr. Katye M. Monroe
James and Cynthia Moorhead
Evan and Dana Moorhead
Brenda Osborne
Sandra Petway
John and Yanlin Premo
Lorraine Rouse
Vincent and Pooja Schuster
James and Betty Scott
Richard Sewell
Guobin Sha
Yingchao Zhang and Fang Shu
Stephen and Joyce Shueh
Glenda Simmons
Andrew Snyder
Wade and Amy Speir
Mathangi Srinivas
Ben Hargy and Wen-lin Su
Thomas and Petra Swift
Tony Yu and Maylane Barbara Tam
Joseph Tinley
Dennis Torigoe
Stella Tsai
Martin Tuchman
Anand and Varsha Waishampayan
Paula Walcott Quintin
Candace Walcott-Shepherd
Xinmin Ma and Minmin Wang
Richard and Jaime Wong
Richard Eng and Grace Wong
Linyu Xu
Ms. Maxine Young
Kevin and Maryam Young
Lydia Zaininger
Ting Zhang
Xin Zhang
Yuting Wang and Haiyan Heidi Zhang
Helen Dahong Zhang
Ken Chiang
Parker and Annie Block
Charles and Kelly Cunningham
Andrew and Andrea McParland
Richard and Jenny Norton
Niku Shamsai
Nancy Sobin
Wade and Amy Speir
Art and Beth Stephano
Wen-lin Su
John and Eileen Wang
Barbara Yu
The Titusville Academy

To make a donation, please send your check to:
YingHua International School
25 Laurel Avenue
P.O. Box 88
Kingston, NJ 08528-0088

You can also make a donation via PayPal. It's just one click away.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and should qualify for company matches.

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