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Bonnie Liao
Bonnie Liao, Ph.D. - Head of School
Dr. Liao is passionate about education and is dedicated to bringing the best of the eastern and western worlds together in education. Dr. Liao received her education from Peking University (Bachelor of Science in Physics), University of Houston (Ph.D. in Physics), and Rutgers University (M.B.A. in Finance and Computers & Information Systems). Dr. Liao is Founder of YingHua International School (2007) and YingHua Language School (2002). She is also the Founder and Director of “YingHua in Beijing” Summer Language and Leadership Institute (2004). Dr. Liao is also a Consultant with MLWM Business Development & Strategy for Bank of America.
Kristin Epstein - Executive Director
Ms. Epstein joined YHIS in 2012. She is a registered professional engineer with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of engineering from Princeton University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. During recent years, she is devoted to a variety of community service programs, including successfully re-starting and presiding the Princeton University Princeton Area Alumni Association, serving as Vice-Chair of the Princeton International Academy Charter School, and leading two Girl Scout Troops. Her daughter attends YHIS full-time. Ms Epstein is dedicated to dual language immersion for the youth of America and the growth of YHIS in Central New Jersey.
Joy Zhao
Joy Zhao - Director of Academics & IB PYP Coordinator
Ms. Zhao was the founding director of YHIS. She is passionate about dual language education and has extensive experience developing inquiry-based curriculum for Chinese immersion programs. Ms. Zhao graduated from Guangzhou Teacher's College with a B.A. in English. She has a Master's degree in elementary education from the University of Bridgeport and a Master’s degree in community counseling from Fairfield University. To her, teaching is at the same time exhilarating and humbling. She finds strength and inspiration from working with students, parents and teachers every day.
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan - Director of Administration & Director of Summer Camp & STEM Teacher
Mrs. Tan has been with YHIS since its founding in 2007. She has a B.A. in psychology and B.S. in marketing. She has more than 15 years of experience in the business field, where she co-owned a tutoring service that served students from pre-school to elementary levels. At YHIS, Mrs. Tan supports teachers with her creativity and resourcefulness, and assists parents and guardians with enthusiasm and patience. She also finds great fulfillment in giving care and guidance to all students.
Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson - Director of After School Program & 3rd Grade English Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Nelson has a Bachelor of Arts in education from Manchester Metropolitan University. She is specialized in children’s literature, science and special educational needs. Ms. Nelson is originally from Manchester, England, and she had worked as English and science teacher and the assistant director of the elementary school at the International School of Tucson for six years before she joined YHIS. Ms. Nelson is passionate about sharing literature with children of all ages and helping them find their love of reading and writing. In addition, Ms. Nelson was named the Top Elementary Science Teacher in Southern Arizona in 2012 and 2014, and loves exploring the scientific world with her students.
Natalie Ye
Natalie Ye - Assistant Director
Ms. Ye received her bachelor’s degree in economics in China and her M.B.A. in the U.S. Ms. Ye offers more than 10 years of experience in marketing management and international business operation in both fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations. In recent years, Ms. Ye has been devoting herself to Chinese education. Ms. Ye served as the executive director of YHIS from 2010 to 2013, when enrollment more than doubled under her guidance. As the Assistant Director, she will continue to work with staff and parents to create a great learning environment for every YHIS student.
  • Teaching Staff

Yanlin Li
Yanlin Premo - Homeroom Teacher of Pre-School & 3rd-6th Grade Visual Arts Teacher
Graduated from Chenzhou Teachers College, China, with a major in art, Mrs. Premo also received a certificate from Beijing Language and Culture University.  She had rich experiences with many forms of arts before she settled on teaching in 2007, which has become the desire of her heart.  She has since taught Chinese and arts to students ranging from pre-school to high school.  Mrs. Premo enjoys being around young children and having a positive impact in their young lives, and she has been with YHIS since 2011.
Jenny Chin
Jenny Chin – Co-Teacher of Pre-School
Ms. Chin has a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Cheng-Chi National University in Taiwan and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Queens College in New York City. Ms. Chin has experience teaching Chinese as second language to students ranging from elementary students to adults, and of proficiencies from beginners to advanced speakers of Chinese. Growing up in a Christian family, Ms. Chin has taught in Sunday school for 25 years. She is passionate about educating and helping children to become their best.
Jane Lu
Jane Lu – HomeroomTeacher of Pre-Kindergarten
Ms. Lu graduated from National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan with a Bachelor’s degree in history. She has also earned the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential in the U.S. She is knowledgeable with child development and has years of teaching experience in early childhood education settings. Ms. Lu is a strong advocate of helping children to find their own interests and passion and to learn in a natural and nurturing environment. 
Yongge Wang
Yongge Wang – Assistant Teacher of Pre-Kindergarten
Ms. Wang graduated from Jilin University, Changchun, China, with a 2-year college degree in education specialized in library and information. Later on, she earned a 3-year college degree in mathematics education from Northeastern Normal University in China. Ms. Wang has more than 15 years of experience teaching mathematics to students ranging from elementary to high schools. In the U.S., she taught Chinese in after school programs for 3 years before joining YHIS. She loves children and is passionate about cultivating love of math in young learners. 
Hui Wang
Whitney Hui Wang - Homeroom Teacher of Kindergarten & Head of Early Childhood Education Section
Ms. Wang has an A.A. in early childhood education from Qingdao Teacher's College, China. During her 17-year tenure at a prestigious kindergarten in China, she advanced from head teacher to master teacher to vice principal, well known and loved for her professionalism and creativity. Ms. Wang has been teaching at YHIS since 2008. She has also won the highest honor of Teacher of the Year at Huaxia Chinese School, a community-based school, for her outstanding teaching of 4th grade for over 10 years. She is skilled at inquiry-based teaching and educating the whole child. Ms. Wang has been with YHIS since 2008.
Ying Yang
Ying Yang – Co-Teacher of Kindergarten & Resource Teacher of Fourth & Fifth Grade
Ms. Yang received her Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from East China Normal University in Shanghai and her Master degree from Kelley School of Business at IUPUI in the U.S. Ms. Yang has gained rich and unique experience teaching Chinese to students of various levels of proficiency ranging from elementary ages to college students for the past 15 years. She also holds a NJ Certificate of Eligibility in Chinese teaching. Dedicated, passionate and patient, Ms. Yang strives to make impactful contribution to the YHIS community since 2014.
Ying Zheng
Evelyn Ying Zheng – Homeroom Teacher of First Grade & 1st-3rd Grade Music Teacher
Ms. Zheng has a Bachelor’s degree in music education from Shanghai Teachers’ College, China. She has more than 10 years of music teaching experience in elementary schools in China. Ms. Zheng has also been teaching Kindergarten Chinese at weekend community schools since 2004. Her expertise is to seamlessly integrate performing arts with the teaching of language and culture. She has been with YHIS since 2012.
Rui Deng
Rui Deng – Homeroom Teacher of Second Grade
Rui Deng has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Jinling College, Nanjing University, China. She continued to pursue her M.S. Ed in the program of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at University of Pennsylvania. During her research at Penn, she became passionate about teaching Chinese to K-12 students, and she gained her teaching experience at different schools in Greater Philadelphia Area. She specializes in integrating different teaching strategies in classes to motivate students to explore and discover. She believes that the combination of student-centered teaching and immersion education will unlock students’ potential and help them find their own passion.
Sirong Wu
Sirong Wu – Homeroom Teacher of Third Grade
Ms. Wu has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Hunan University, China. She then studied at University of Pennsylvania and earned M.S.ED in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She has experience in designing curriculum and teaching elementary and middle school students. She is looking forward to implementing what she has learned about immersion education at YHIS. Ms. Wu is a loving, caring, and patient teacher, and devoted to educating and helping students to be the best they can be.
Yue Guan
Yue Guan - Homeroom Teacher of Fourth and Fifth Grade
Ms. Guan received her Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature from Beijing Normal University, China, and her Master’s degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) from Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Guan has experience teaching students with diverse backgrounds, ranging from kindergarteners to adults. Before joining YHIS, she taught Mandarin Chinese to kindergarten children at Jubilee School in Philadelphia, where she discovered her passion in teaching young learners. Ms. Guan also loves traditional Chinese arts. She is an amateur Er-hu player, and is proficient in Chinese calligraphy.
Wen-Lin Su
Wen-Lin Su – Director of Middle School Program, Head Teacher of Sixth Grade & IB PYP Coordinator
Ms. Su received a B.A. in Chinese Literature from Cheng-Chi University and a M.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Second/ Foreign Language from Taiwan Normal University. She had experience teaching college level Chinese at Washington & Lee University, Yale University, and Princeton in Beijing Program. She also taught Chinese at Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut for 8 years, during which time she was actively involved in the Chinese teaching community in the Greater Hartford area, serving as the principal of Chinese Language School of Greater Hartford. Ms. Su is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences related to Chinese teaching at local, regional and national levels. She is a passionate teacher and a lifelong learner herself, continuously learning and using a rich repertoire of teaching techniques, approaches and philosophies.
Angel M. Heller – First and Second English Homeroom Teacher & Sixth Grade English and History Teacher
Ms. Heller earned her Master of Arts in teaching degree from Montclair State University. She has two decades of experience teaching English reading, writing and grammar to students ranging from college freshman to first graders. Ms. Heller is certified by the Dyslexia Institutes of America as a reading therapist. She is a poet who is passionate about the impact of the written word, striving to help students find beauty and truth through their own reading and writing. Ms. Heller's youngest daughter attends YHIS full time. Ms. Heller loves to discover the interests and ideas that exist within each child and to maintain the excitement of their passions while teaching new concepts and skills. She has been with YHIS since 2013.
Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson – Director of After School Program & Third Grade English Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Nelson has a Bachelor of Arts in education from Manchester Metropolitan University. She is specialized in children’s literature, science and special educational needs. Ms. Nelson is originally from Manchester, England, and she had worked as English and science teacher and the assistant director of the elementary school at the International School of Tucson for six years before she joined YHIS. Ms. Nelson is passionate about sharing literature with children of all ages and helping them find their love of reading and writing. In addition, Ms. Nelson was named the Top Elementary Science Teacher in Southern Arizona in 2012 and 2014, and loves exploring the scientific world with her students.
Tara McGowan
Tara McGowan, Ph.D. – Fourth and Fifth Grade English Homeroom Teacher
Dr. McGowan received her teacher's certification through Princeton University's Teacher Preparation Program and has a PhD in literacy from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a visual artist and storyteller, who has worked for over two decades with visual storytelling techniques from Japan and other countries in Asia. She loves working with students of all ages to discover their own unique voices through writing and performance.
Teacher Wang
Nancy Nien-Tzu Wang, Ph.D. – Sixth Grade Math Teacher & Math Advisor for 1st-5th Grade
Dr. Wang received her B.S. degree of mathematics from Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. After she received her Ph.D. degree in mathematics from University of Utah, Dr. Wang taught math at the university level for several years and tutored high school students. From 2008 to 2010, she taught math at YHIS and found her passion in teaching young learners. She has resumed teaching math at YHIS since 2014 and deeply enjoys sharing her expertise and love of math with students here.
May Jean Cheah
May Jean Cheah, Ph.D. – Sixth Grade Science Teacher & Science Advisor for 1st-5th Grade
Dr. Cheah received her Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from McGill University and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Princeton University. She has teaching experiences with students across diverse settings, ranging from elementary school learners to middle school and college students. She loves sharing her passion for science and inquiry-based learning with students at YHIS.
Zhong Jun Ge
“Jun” Zhongjun Ge – School-wide P.E. Teacher
Mr. Ge graduated from He‘nan Normal University with a Bachelor’s degree in physical education with a concentration in teaching and research of gymnastics. He then taught gymnastics at the same university for 10 years. Mr. Ge went on to receive from Western Michigan University a Master’s degree in physical education with a focus on special physical education. As a U.S. Certified Men’s Coach, Mr. Ge coached the men’s team and a class of children with autism at Schafer School of Gymnastics from 2008 to 2011. He is also an experienced Chinese teacher, having taught Chinese at community Chinese schools including YingHua Language School in Lawrence and Fangcaodi Chinese School in Edison.

Kenneth Lightfoot
Kenneth Lightfoot – String Orchestra Program Director
Mr. Lightfoot comes to YingHua International School with years of experience teaching orchestra to middle and elementary students, including starting a successful new orchestra program for the Bridgeton Public School District in Bridgeton, NJ. He is a graduate of The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education as a cello major. He provides private instruction to students of all ages and abilities in cello, violin, and viola. He is also adept at playing bass guitar, guitar, trombone, and drums. It is Mr. Lightfoot’s diverse abilities and experience with music programs in the South Brunswick Public School District and Bridgeton Public School District that makes him an invaluable resource for our students in the string orchestra program.
Art Stephano
Arthur Stephano – 4th-6th Music Teacher
For more than 20 years Mr. Stephano, has been musician, composer, bandleader and teacher. His students have gone on to successful collegiate music programs, professional careers in music and years of enjoyment as players, bandleaders and teachers themselves. Mr. Stephano was educated at West Chester University and studied with masters such as Mr. Paul Klinefelter, Mr. Peter Paulsen and Ms. Heather Miller. Playing with many different musical groups of varying genres such as the Immaculata Symphony and several jazz ensembles, Mr. Stephano has recently released an album of all original music with a local recording group. Mr. Stephano inspires to bring out the wonder of music with his students and challenges them to connect all of life’s experiences with the joy of music while exploring the limitless musical universe with creativity and imagination.
Cynthia Liu
Cynthia Liu (马咏) – Dance Teacher
Mrs. Liu grew up in a family with a strong performing arts background. Her Father was a film, television, stage and theater director and her mother was an actress. She graduated from dance school and immigrated to United States in 1995. She continued her dance education in the U.S. and completed her dance training in Jazz, Modern ballet and traditional ballet. Following the foot step of the well-known dancer, Liu Fenglan, who specializes in dance teaching and choreography, Mrs. Liu started teaching dance and creating her own dance pieces. Since founding her first dance group in 1992, Mrs. Liu has created many unique dance pieces blending modern dance with Chinese classical dance elements to the tune of contemporary dance songs. Currently, she owns four dance troupes. She is also one of HuaXia Chinese schools’ dance teachers in East Brunswick and Marlboro, and a representative in the HuaXia Headquarter Committee. Mrs. Liu is also a licensed yoga teacher.
Sophia Yuan
Sophia Yuan – K-2nd Grade Visual Arts Teacher & After-school Program Art Teacher
An award-winning artist, Mrs. Yuan’s artworks have been exhibited internationally and locally in NY, NJ and PA. Her expertise ranges from Chinese calligraphy, water-color, acrylic and pastel painting, paper-cutting to origami. Mrs. Yuan is also an experienced and passionate teacher of arts, having taught an adult art class at the Rockefeller Center in NYC for 7 years as well as students of all ages in many other organizations, institutes and art festivals. She loves to work with children and has designed numerous art programs for children of all ages.
June Chou
June Chou – Chinese Tutoring Program (CTP) Teacher
Ms. Chou has a Bachelor’s degree in public administration from National Taipei University, Taiwan. She is an experienced Chinese teacher and has been teaching at community-based Chinese schools since 2008. Ms. Chou is resourceful, patient and caring, and loves to work with children. She has been with YHIS since 2014.

An Yank – After-school Program Teacher
Mrs. Yank has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from China and has received a Bachelor’s degree of Liberal Arts from the U.S. Growing up in a family of teachers, Mrs. Yank has developed a passion for teaching from a young age. She has been teaching Chinese for 13 years in a variety of school settings to students from pre-school to middle school. A music lover, Mrs. Yank composes many melodies to be used in her Chinese teaching. Her classes are full of songs, rhymes and games to motivate her students.


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