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    English-Chinese Immersion School of Princeton

  • Excellence     Diversity     Integrity     Compassion

    Excellence     Diversity     Integrity     Compassion

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At YingHua International School (YHIS), our mission is to enable academic excellence and prepare students for compassionate, effective, and ethical global citizenship by facilitating English and Chinese language acquisition and instilling a passion for lifelong learning.
Core Values
At YHIS, we believe that students learn best in a supportive and diverse community, where every student, educator, staff member, and family is encouraged to strive for:
•    Excellence
•    Diversity
•    Integrity
•    Compassion
Excellence is striving for and being the best that we can be.  It means high standards of teaching, learning, and all that we do.  Excellence includes personal, social, physical, career, cultural, and spiritual development in addition to intellectual curiosity and rigor. It includes teamwork, community service and leadership.
Diversity is embracing difference and building on the best of all worlds with a global perspective. It embraces equity among cultures and peoples, and suggests respect for the natural world including its animal and plant inhabitants.
Integrity is excellence of character. Compassion is caring for diverse others. Both integrity and compassion are essential for guiding how we relate to and treat one another and are a critical cornerstone for what YHIS stands for.
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